When it comes to PCB designing and manufacturing, ABL Circuits use a variety of different systems and items of equipment to ensure our clients receive the highest quality Printed Circuit Boards from us and which enable us to achieve the fastest complete PCB service in the UK.

Today, we wanted to explain the PCB board design process and the design software that we use when you ask us to design a printed circuit board for you. As an expert PCB design company, we have used Vutrax for over 20 years. Vutrax is a sophisticated CAD PCB Design software which allows us to create our PCB design layouts in a very precise way and to ensure, once the printed circuit board is manufactured, it works exactly as our customers expect it to. Our vast knowledge ensures we can identify any potential issues with your printed circuit board in the early design stage, meaning any problems and issues can be resolved early on in the process and therefore not delaying your PCB manufacture.

As we have used this specific PCB design software for so long, we know it thoroughly and have an extensive knowledge of how it works and what its capabilities are, enabling us to have the confidence that you could not get a better design for your printed circuit board.

Hear what our Chief Executive Mark Leverett has to say about the Vutrax PCB design software we use before we manufacture your PCBs here at our factory in Baldock, Hertfordshire in the video below:

Find out more about our PCB design Services or to discuss how we can support your PCB manufacture, for prototyping or production, call us now on 01462417400.