Saturday marked a special day in history as the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of mankind setting foot on the moon, but it was also a special day for ABL Circuits as we celebrated our founder, Mark Leverett’s, birthday.

While we couldn’t possibly divulge Mark’s age to you, what we can tell you is how he got to where he is today at ABL Circuits, managing his team in Baldock, with 36 years of experience under his belt.

With a Higher National Diploma in Mechanical and Production Engineering, Mark started, as many of us do, as an intern at ICL. During his time he was involved in designing circuit boards and testing equipment, and for Mark, the components clearly fit as at 21 years old he went on to start his own company.

As with most start-ups, Mark’s journey at ABL began modestly at his home, laying out circuit boards on a homemade lightbox with red and blue tape. Simple, yet effective. However, this led to the need for prototype circuit boards so Mark moved towards working on customer requirements for PCBs with enthusiasm, speed and precision.

As Mark’s customer base grew, so did his need for more equipment, space and staff, which brought him to the office in Baldock we are still in today. The new equipment meant that ABL could cope with larger production and increase their offering within PCB’s, from CAD layouts, through to PCB manufacture and fully assembled products.

ABL, with the leadership of Mark, his dedicated team and the recent joining of his son, William Leverett, has managed to remain reliable, dependable and affordable throughout their 36 years of service.

Happy birthday to our devoted founder, Mark Leverett.