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With over 40 years in the business, we offer top-notch electronic manufacturing services for a broad range of industries. Feel free to check out the main sectors we work with below. If you don’t see your industry, don’t worry! We’re happy to create custom solutions for any field—these are just our most common areas of focus.

Military & Defence Manufacturing

Our knowledge and expertise in the industry allows us to manufacture and provide high quality PCBs that meet the requirements for both the military and aerospace industry. Our bespoke start to end PCB assembly service, ensures that we are meeting the ...

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Aerospace Electronic Manufacturing

Our years of experience within the industry allow us to manufacture and provide high-quality PCBs that meet the stringent requirements ofr the aerospace industry. We offer a bespoke service, with a proven track record of building PCBs for aerospace for ...

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Healthcare Electronic Manufacturing

Creating printed circuit boards (PCBs) within the healthcare electronic manufacturing  industry is a meticulous process that must be approached with care and diligence. Printed circuit boards in medical devices save lives, so ensuring they are of the ...

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Automotive Electronic Manufacturing

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are used in almost all electronic devices. In the automotive industry, PCBs are widely used in vehicle electronics. They are essential to the performance, safety, and reliability of the vehicle, and if they are not manufactured ...

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Energy Electronic Manufacturing

As popularity and demand increase, the PCB industry is anticipated to be worth $128B by 2030, and it’s easy to see why. Printed circuit boards are vital in so many industries - from aerospace to healthcare, they are key components in so many of the electrical ...

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Automation Electronic Manufacturing

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are essential to a wide variety of industries, and the manufacturing of these parts is an important process. We understand the attention to detail necessary when creating PCBs for automation components, especially as automation ...

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