Small Scale PCB Manufacturing

PCB’s on a smaller scale

Here at ABL Circuits, producing small scale printed circuit boards at the highest quality is our bread and butter. We’ve been doing it for almost 40 years and we really know our stuff when it comes to manufacturing and assembling boards.

How we can help

Whilst we service both large and medium-sized orders, we specialise in creating high precision and quality boards for small to medium-sized, or even startup companies, at an affordable price. The majority of our clients are looking for a personal touch, someone who will understand their product and get under the skin of what they need and what they are looking for from a PCB.

The fastest standard lead times in the industry

We operate as a one-stop-shop for all your design, manufacturing and assembly needs at affordable prices. From PCB design and manufacture, prototypes to complete product assembly, and blank PCBs, ABL Circuits offer the fastest standard lead time in the industry. The majority of our batches are fabricated within 5 working days, and your blank PCB can be produced within 8 hours after receiving the Gerber files.

If a ‘Geber file’ or other PCB lingo is not your strong suit, then don’t worry, we can take the hassle out of the equation and help guide you through the process to cross the finish line with your high quality product in hand.

Our manufacturing abilities and experience allow us to produce one off prototypes for clients, small batches, as well as large scale volume production, whilst offering a range of different material thicknesses, resist colours and surface finishes to fit your needs. You can choose from a range of printed circuit boards from single sided, to double sided, multi layer and more.

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To find out more about small scale pcb manufacturing get in touch with one of our experienced team members on 01462 894 312, or via our quote form to get a specific quote to cater for your needs.

Our reputation as one of the country’s most reliable and trustworthy blank PCB manufacturers has been built up through decades of dedication to our customers and the promise that your circuit boards will be delivered “on time, every time”. Whether you are ordering our bare boards or choosing our total PCB solution, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best lead times in the industry, without compromising our quality and service.

Take a look at our online quotation page and see just how competitive our prices are for your blank PCB service needs.

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Probably the best quality of board that I have received

Ian - MES

First time user of ABL and placed an order for a 4 layer board with 2oz copper on all layers. Order received in 5 days and the quality of the board was excellent. Probably the best quality of board that I have received from using countless suppliers. Would definitely recommend ABL for PCB manufacture and will be using them again for my next PCB request.



You will benefit from the fastest leadtimes in the UK. Your ABL Circuits PCB’s will be delivered within 5 working days as standard.



Your order will be dealt with promptly by a friendly and conscientious team, committed to providing a high level of service.



You will also benefit from our exceptional 8 hour same day express service for your urgent prototypes.



The knowledge gained from 30 years of experience eliminates your risk in dealing with ABL Circuits.



Your deadlines are critical to you and us, that’s why we guarantee you will receive your boards on time, every time in perfect condition.


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Electronics Consultancy

When we needed a high density 10 layer board manufacturing in a hurry, we turned to ABL Circuits. Mark and the team were a pleasure to work with, quickly understanding our requirements and offering a solution for quick turnaround fabrication and assembly at a competitive price. The assembled boards were of a high quality and delivered on time. Highly recommended.


Very nice company to work with as they are always happy to help solve any of my problems fast and good quality work. They are my number one PCB supplier.


Excellent service, fast and efficient with excellent help during the development of the circuit design. Great pricing structure and very professional.