Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are essential to a wide variety of industries, and the manufacturing of these parts is an important process. We understand the attention to detail necessary when creating PCBs for automation components, especially as automation technology advances. Our PCBs need to be able to meet not only the high quantity demands of this ever-evolving industry, but also the rigorous standards set by those that use them and the nature of their work. For automation PCB services, this means creating uniformly reliable boards to a high standard, in what is sometimes a short timeframe. 

Decades of dedication have earned us a reputation as one of the most reliable PCB manufacturers in the UK. As well as manufacturing PCBs for automation, which in itself covers a wide spectrum of purposes, we also produce PCBs for more specific industries such as healthcare and aerospace. As experts in our field, we’re able to accommodate the various needs of these industries, and provide them with the precise components they need.

Our bespoke services are able to help you through every stage of the automation PCB manufacturing process, from designing prototypes to PCB fabrication and solutions. We pride ourselves on quality service, and our expert team is more than able to cater to any specific requirements that need to be met. 

Providing bespoke PCB services for over 40 years!

As an ISO 9001-2015 accredited company, we have made a commitment to consistently provide only the highest quality products and services. This is a commitment we’ve proven time and again to our customers and will continue to uphold, by meeting their regulatory requirements and specific needs within an exceptional turnaround time. Here are some more ways we ensure we’re doing the most we can for our customers:

  • Our PCBs are inspected a minimum of 7 times at different stages of the manufacturing process, to make sure that the final product meets any and all requirements.
  • We bare-board test our PCBs in-house before delivery, guaranteeing that no errors have been made and the PCB works as it should.
  • If your PCBs are needed urgently we can offer an 8-hour turnaround time on our manufacturing service. Otherwise, we’re committed to making sure your boards arrive on time, every time.
  • Thanks to our 3-axis CNC Router we are able to provide PCBs in any size or shape you may need.
  • While we fully believe in the superiority of our products, we’re even able to help our customers in assembling PCBs made by other manufacturers. 

How our experience benefits our partners

Our clients speak to our success as automation original equipment manufacturers. We have over 20 years of experience in this area, as well as the technical expertise and skills gained from providing for other industries, and are more than happy to discuss exactly how we can help you.

In this case study we explain how our PCBs for automation have helped to bring a wide variety of stage performances to life – from Marvel Universe Live to Taylor Swift on tour.

How are printed circuit boards used in the Automation industry?

The use of PCBs in automation components is essential. They are used in the running of heat and pressure sensors, capacitors, and serial interfaces, among other things. Automation requires precise parameters and attention to detail, as any errors or inconsistencies can have a significant impact on their outcomes and overall performance. 

For example, one large area of the automation industry is Human-Machine Interface (HMI) – which includes the places where humans and machines interact, such as touch screens and keypads. This is a prime example of where PCBs can be used – in the pressure sensors needed for a touchscreen or buttons, in the networking infrastructure that connects the device to others, in the display screens, and even to manage power supply. If the HMI in question is going to be used by the public, the PCBs need to function reliably to help achieve the task the HMI was designed for, and be durable enough to withstand high levels of use. These are examples of the things we take into consideration when designing and manufacturing our PCBs for automation. 

Automation strives to streamline processes wherever possible, creating better user experiences and making manufacturing more efficient and cost-effective. Advances in technology such as the evolution of robots and AI mean that new ways to automate processes are being developed every day, transforming the way we live and work. 

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