Our knowledge and expertise in the industry allows us to manufacture and provide high quality PCBs that meet the requirements for both the military and aerospace industry.

Our bespoke start to end PCB assembly service, ensures that we are meeting the necessary safety specifications every step of the way. We offer a tailored, high quality service for both military and defence partners, with a proven track record building military grade PCBs for over 40 years. Our expertise not only focuses on current, cutting edge military products and equipment, but also bringing historic military equipment back to life, such as the Challenger tank from World War 2.

Providing Military Grade services for over 40 years!

Our years of experience means we are well versed with the standards of the military, aerospace and defence industries. This means you can trust us as your partner to deliver high quality products in an efficient manner.

Providing military grade services means adhering to the rigorous standards the products within the industry require. There are several sourcing and manufacturing requirements, from the components used, all the way through to design and assembly. 

At ABL Circuits, we have years of experience working with these standards so that our boards and products can withstand the harshest of conditions. The MIL-PRF-31032 set of standards is the most stringent your PCB design and manufacturing process must adhere to, and these are the standards that we work meticulously to provide.

The standards that we work to to ensure our boards are fit for use within the military industry include great diligence and care taken particularly towards the thermal management and voltage protection of the board. We also work alongside the production of flex and rigid flex boards to help reduce the product’s weight. All of these are extremely important features to a military PCB board, which our team approaches with the utmost care.

 Our factory is well equipped to create the necessary environment for quality boards to be produced to adhere to military standards. The factory is strictly electro-static discharge (ESD) controlled, including ESD clothing and shoes of all manufacturers, alongside temperature and humidity controlled to provide the right protection for the boards for the highest of quality.

Taking it one step further, we ensure all our boards have precise traceability. Sometimes things can go wrong, but with our unique QR codes on each board, we can track the boards and the components to identify the source of the issue. This means we can track the batch this has come from to help prevent errors in future. 

How have we helped previous Military partners?

We have worked with several military partners over the years, from the Royal Navy to the RAF. Our experience includes creating a plethora of boards that are used for several different products, including:

  • Headsets for communication within helmets. This is where flex and rigid-flex boards are important to ensure the product is light in weight
  • Lighting systems to be used within the Navy
  • Cockpit lighting and instrument displays for the RAF

These are just a few examples of the innovative products we have helped to create for modern day military technology. However,we have also worked with clients to bring historic military equipment back to life, including the last working Challenger World War 2 tank in the UK. We reverse engineered faulty boards, using new, modern components to keep the last remaining Challenger tank up and running. 

How are Military Grade Circuit Boards used today?

You may not have thought it, but PCBs play a huge role within the army and military defence. PCBs are used within a number of pieces of equipment and products, some of which seem quite simple but are vital to operations. These include communication systems, navigation GPS systems, and computers used within the field.

Additionally, PCBs are used within lighting systems, robotic systems, security equipment and even on the field in firearms and explosive testing equipment. It’s safe to say that the emphasis on quality and precision in PCBs has never been higher than when being used within the army and military. That’s why we have the experience and the expertise to help create high calibre boards for all your military, aerospace or defence needs.

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