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Printed circuit boards (PCBs) have a huge number of applications, from LED lighting and smartphones, all the way through to industrial drills, pacemakers and navigation systems!

They are hugely important in electronic components and used in most business sectors, which is why – whatever your specific need – effective and accurate PCB design is vital.

What is PCB design?

Electronic circuit board design means taking your circuit diagrams and specifications, and creating physical PCB units that can be used in your components. It brings your designs to life and enables us to manufacture the precise circuit boards you need.

How does PCB design work?

This process uses layout software and computer-aided design (CAD) and combines routing and component placement to determine the electrical connectivity on your PCB. Here’s a bit more info:

Component placement

Your schematic diagram has to be converted into a physical PCB layout. This is a tricky process because components must be placed within a finite, often very tight space.


This is another challenging part of the PCB design process. This is where wires connect your components and create your completely unique PCB layout.


When you design a PCB there is also, of course, plenty of testing needed to identify any potential problems at an early stage – and throughout the manufacturing process. At ABL Circuits our technicians perform seven separate detailed inspections to ensure you get exactly the boards that you need.

How can ABL Circuits help you with PCB design?

Guaranteed accuracy first time

The most important aspect of PCB design is accuracy, so it’s important to choose an electronic circuit design company you can trust. At ABL Circuits, we guarantee that your order will be completely accurate first time, every time!

Fastest lead times in the UK

Once your design is approved, we will deliver your bare (blank) PCB unit within 5 working days as standard. Or for urgent jobs, we can even manufacture your PCBs the same day! And if you need a super-fast PCB prototype, we can get one to you just 8 hours after you send us the data. You let us know when you need your PCB, and we’ll make sure you get it on time.

Experience & expertise

With almost 40 years of experience, we have an in-depth, ingrained knowledge of printed circuit board design and fabrication, as well as assembly and all the other aspects of printed circuit board production. This is what gives us the confidence to guarantee accuracy for every single order we deliver.

PCB Design UK

Our PCB design is done by an in-house CAD team, and our entire design and production process takes place at our factory in Baldock, Hertfordshire. Engineering our circuit boards in the UK helps to ensure the quality that you need, and allows us to offer the fastest lead times of any British PCB manufacturer.

Competitive prices

We know that while PCB quality is paramount, so is affordability. That’s why we offer very competitive prices that represent real value to our customers!


Why Choose ABL for your PCB Design?

In addition to the points above, because our circuit board designers also manufacture and assemble your PCBs and everything is done in-house. This means an expert oversees the entire production process from start to finish, ensuring the high quality that we and our customers demand.

If you want to discuss our printed circuit board design services or any other PCB services, please contact the team today. You can give us a call on 01462 417 400, or simply submit a quote request using our form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our extensive blog on the PCB Design Process
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach our team via the Contact Form

There are no limitations.
No idea is unrealistic in the PCB industry, please reach out to our team and we will look at ways to bring your product or concept to life, get a quote today!

We can design a range of PCBs from very simple boards to complex multilayered designs. We’ve designed simple LED boards up to PCBs used in the Medical and Aerospace sectors.
To submit a specific request please follow the steps on our Quote Form

We would need a detailed design specification. This would include exactly what the PCB will be used for and how it would work. You can provide this via the Quote Form

The most common format would be a simple word document.

Our reputation as one of the country’s most reliable and trustworthy blank PCB manufacturers has been built up through decades of dedication to our customers and the promise that your circuit boards will be delivered “on time, every time”. Whether you are ordering our bare boards or choosing our total PCB solution, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best lead times in the industry, without compromising our quality and service.

Take a look at our online quotation page and see just how competitive our prices are for your blank PCB service needs.

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Very nice company to work with as they are always happy to help solve any of my problems fast and good quality work. They are my number one PCB supplier.



You will benefit from the fastest leadtimes in the UK. Your ABL Circuits PCB’s will be delivered within 5 working days as standard.



Your order will be dealt with promptly by a friendly and conscientious team, committed to providing a high level of service.



You will also benefit from our exceptional 8 hour same day express service for your urgent prototypes.



The knowledge gained from 30 years of experience eliminates your risk in dealing with ABL Circuits.



Your deadlines are critical to you and us, that’s why we guarantee you will receive your boards on time, every time in perfect condition.


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