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Flexible PCBs 

Flexible PCB

We can help you with your flexible PCB needs.

When it comes to deciding on the perfect PCB for your next product, there are several options available, from single- and double-sided, to multilayer and flex PCBs. Finding the right option that works for you and your latest innovation is important. 

But what is a flexible PCB, and how do we know whether it’s right for you and your next project? 

When it comes to flexible PCBs, also known as ‘flex PCBs’ or ‘flex circuits’, the main differentiating point is that the electronic devices are mounted onto flexible plastic substrates. 

Instead of building a device in which the components must comply to the size of the circuit board, flex PCBs are instead designed to fit the device or product. Flex PCBs are usually thin, lightweight and can work exceptionally well in small spaces and in contoured shapes, which can be a challenge for other PCBs. 

Benefits of Flexible PCBs

There are several advantages of a flex PCB that are worth considering when thinking of the best foot forward for your all-important product:

  • Space Race: The nature and design of flex PCBs mean they do not use as much space, and additionally weigh less than an ordinary circuit board
  • Bend and Snap: As the name would suggest, flex PCBs also have inherent flexibility allowing for tighter bend capabilities for your product
  • Feeling The Heat: Flex PCBs, due to their substrates such as polyimide, dissipate heat better than most circuit board materials and are able to withstand extreme temperatures 
  • Compatibility Test: Flexible printed circuit boards are compatible with a wide range of components or connectors, many being smaller or less expensive connectors

On top of the above benefits, flex PCBs also use less material, less packaging and the costs for replacements are lower, which can never be a bad thing! Flex PCBs offer a plethora of possibilities for different products and designs combining the best qualities of connectors, printed circuit boards, wires and cable, all in one interconnect.

With over 30 years of experience in PCB design, manufacturing and assembly, alongside the latest technology and innovations at our fingertips to ensure we are providing the best quality products, we can offer the insights and advice to ensure you are making the right decision. If you have a product in mind and would like to discuss flexible PCBs in more detail, feel free to pick up the phone and speak to one of our friendly team or submit a quote below.

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