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Can I have my printed circuit boards (PCBs) in a choice of colours?

The pcb colour choice is often important, particularly when the PCB will be on display in lighting, hi-fi equipment or consumer electronics devices. We have therefore selected a pcb colour choice to include:
Green, Blue, Black, Red and White.
Coloured boards are also useful to differentiate individual PCBs from each other (i.e. prototype boards compared to production boards), or when several circuit boards are used within one housing. Some companies also have their own corporate range of PCB colours.
The substrate itself is coloured by pigment in the epoxy resin, which is used together with glass-fibre reinforcement to make up the finished board, which sits beneath the copper tracks.
Our standard range of PCB colours is available for immediate manufacture, however, if you have a requirement for a specific colour, please call us on 01462 894312 to discuss.
For more advice about PCB colours, please call us on 01462 417400 at any time.

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