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Raspberry Pi and ABL Circuits PCBs

ABL Circuits PCBs and Raspberry Pi

With Raspberry Pi and ABL Circuits PCBs, the world is your oyster Since the Raspberry Pi was launched in 2012, an increasing number of our customers have ordered ABL Circuits Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) to be integrated into products which include a Raspberry Pi as a central computer. Similar in size to a credit card, the device includes up to 1GB of RAM and a 64-bit, 1.2GHz processor. With video…

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PCBs that help deliver results for discerning cyclists

PCBs for innovative bike cleaning equipment ABL Circuits

“ABL Circuits are very responsive and keen to deliver results. Very patient and always get their PCBs right. They always think on behalf of the customer which is key” Director, equipment manufacturer. Riding a bike can be a messy affair. Serious cyclists who want to keep their bicycles in good working order need to remove dust, grit and mud from their bike regularly. An innovative bike cleaner which uses low…

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ABL’s reverse engineering PCB expertise

Reverse engineering PCBs - ABL Circuits

As many assets on oil and gas rigs are ageing, there is a need for retrofitting parts of the system. ABL took on the challenge of recreating PCBs to the exact specifications drawn up for an oil rig over 30 years ago using their reverse engineering PCB expertise. In total, 17 different types of replacement Printed Circuit Boards needed reverse engineering to replace the rack-mounted legacy boards in the control…

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ABL Circuits completes printed circuit board mission for Spitfire

Spitfire Printed Circuit Board ABL Circuits

Spitfire flight experience enhanced at the speed of flight Spitfire flying experiences offered out of the Imperial War Museum at RAF Duxford have become more exciting still with the addition of a World War II gunfire soundscape. At the speed of flight, ABL manufactured a fast turnaround Printed Circuit Board prototype with sound recording, playing authentic Spitfire gun sounds in the cockpit providing the ultimate experience. Just as intended, the…

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Bespoke Circuit Boards Sparks Interest

classic car bespoke circuit boards abl circuits

ABL Circuits were approached when a supplier of tuning equipment for cars and car modifications was looking for a new and reliable supplier for bespoke circuit boards. The main requirement was to create a performance enhancing booster amplifier for a V8 engine ignition system. Bespoke Circuit Boards ABL Circuits took on the task to reverse engineer the old design of the dual-timer power amplifier and rebuilt a superior version. Working…

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The Sound Choice for High Spec Audio Equipment

high spec audio abl circuits pcb design

ABL multi-layer circuit boards are the sound choice for high spec audio equipment A UK based leading sound reproduction company that supplies sound design and high-fidelity sound equipment to major theatres, opera houses and venues in Europe, relies on multi-layer circuit boards which perform with maximum efficiency. ABL Circuits provides multi-layer circuit boards that can cope with the very high frequencies needed for accurate sound reproduction in major shows and…

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ABL Circuits manufacture miniature oscillator for AM Radio Exams

hand of Amateur radio holding speaker and press for radio communication theme ABL Circuits

ABL Circuits miniature oscillator ABL Circuits were approached by an antenna manufacturer to create, manufacture and test a circuit board for an Miniature Oscillator used to train amateur radio operators to gain their intermediate licence. Users of AM radio frequency undertake self-training and part of the training includes the assembly and operation of an miniature oscillator. This is used to convert direct current from a power supply to an alternating…

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PCBs in cruise ships and theatres

Cruise ships PCBs Smallest PCB hole abl circuits

We are often amazed at the huge range of applications in which our PCBs are used. Recently, a member of our team was on a cruise ship and, while watching a presentation about the workings of the ship, discovered that ABL Circuits had manufactured and assembled the Cruise ships PCBs used to control all the features of the ship’s theatre automation. This includes using sophisticated electronic hardware and software to…

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ABL Circuits PCB Solution for Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Avro Lancaster Bomber PCB Solution ABL Circuits large

The complete PCB Solution… ABL Circuits Ltd recently received a phone call from a company in urgent need of a PCB Solution. The company specialises in restoring vintage aircraft, including Spitfires, Avro Lancaster’s, Douglas DC3 Dakota’s etc. They offer a unique service, requiring highly skilled staff and techniques. They approached ABL Circuits because we could offer the complete PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) solution, from the electronic design, to CAD layout,…

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PCB Total Solution

Total PCB Solution from ABL Circuits

Here at  ABL Circuits Ltd we can provide all your bespoke printed circuit board design, manufacturing and PCB assembly solutions as we offer the Total Solution PCB service, from CAD design, through manufacture to the complete assembled product, from our UK based factory located in Baldock, Hertfordshire. Through our contacts we can even assist with the initial electronic design stage. We have a very experienced workforce, and have been manufacturing…

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