ABL Circuits completes printed circuit board mission for Spitfire

Spitfire flight experience enhanced at the speed of flight

Spitfire flying experiences offered out of the Imperial War Museum at RAF Duxford have become more exciting still with the addition of a World War II gunfire soundscape. At the speed of flight, ABL manufactured a fast turnaround Printed Circuit Board prototype with sound recording, playing authentic Spitfire gun sounds in the cockpit providing the ultimate experience. Just as intended, the PCB soundscape solution with battle sounds adds to the atmosphere and feeling of realism of customers enjoying the amazing flight experience and a true dog fight thrill in this iconic design classic of an aeroplane.

ABL Circuits were chosen as they could offer a fast, complete Printed Circuit board (PCB) solution, from electronic design to CAD PCB layout, manufacturing prototype boards and full assembly.

Having developed the concept with the client, ABL Circuits electronics expert created a circuit diagram and parts list. ABL then produced the CAD PCB layout, taking into consideration the mechanical constraints involved, and fabricated and assembled the printed circuit board, complete with the authentic Spitfire MP3 sound recording of machine gun fire embedded into a microchip. The PCB was mounted in a robust heavy-duty box to cope with flight conditions in this historical aeroplane.

The prototype PCB was manufactured and assembled in just a few days for approval by the customer. The product worked perfectly and the customer was delighted with the finished product.