ABL Circuits manufacture miniature oscillator for AM Radio Exams

Photo of a miniature oscillator
Miniature oscillator

ABL Circuits were approached by an antenna manufacturer to create, manufacture and test a circuit board for an Miniature Oscillator used to train amateur radio operators to gain their intermediate licence. Users of AM radio frequency undertake self-training and part of the training includes the assembly and operation of an miniature oscillator. This is used to convert direct current from a power supply to an alternating current signal.

The client designed the schematics and basic layout for the oscillator from which ABL Circuits compressed the design, creating a miniature circuit board measuring just 30 mm square. From order to completion, it took less than 1 week to deliver, including board design, manufacture, assembly and test.

For cost-effective production, 42 boards are produced on one panel, which is then cut to size. The client packages the circuit boards with components as a kit of parts. The kits are used by amateur radio clubs in training for intermediate licences, as well as forming part of a kit for a full receiver and transmitter.