Bespoke Circuit Boards Sparks Interest

ABL Circuits were approached when a supplier of tuning equipment for cars and car modifications was looking for a new and reliable supplier for bespoke circuit boards. The main requirement was to create a performance enhancing booster amplifier for a V8 engine ignition system.

Bespoke Circuit Boards

ABL Circuits took on the task to reverse engineer the old design of the dual-timer power amplifier and rebuilt a superior version. Working back using the old specification, we were able to identify all existing components. Using this information we designed a new amplifier to produce a more powerful spark, as well as a new layout for the printed circuit boards.

After assembling the boards, we tested the PCB with a coil, an HT lead and a spark plug, measuring the current output and the resulting boost in performance. We also sourced the boxes that house the assembly, and project managed the whole process so that our client could be supplied with a complete unit.

From start to finish, the process was finalised within 2 weeks. A speedy turnaround befitting a performance boosting solution.