The Sound Choice for High Spec Audio Equipment

ABL multi-layer circuit boards are the sound choice for high spec audio equipment

A UK based leading sound reproduction company that supplies sound design and high-fidelity sound equipment to major theatres, opera houses and venues in Europe, relies on multi-layer circuit boards which perform with maximum efficiency.

ABL Circuits provides multi-layer circuit boards that can cope with the very high frequencies needed for accurate sound reproduction in major shows and sometimes have four or more different circuit layers to deliver the required efficiency. The boards, are manufactured by ABL Circuits in Baldock, Hertfordshire, and are assembled in the UK.

To deal with the sensitivity of the circuits, ABL Circuits pays special attention to the lay-out of these circuit boards and then manufactures them to the high quality that is needed. ABL Circuits works with the specialist Hi-Fi design company on many batches of printed circuit boards every year, supplying the finished product in 3-5 days. This flexibility suits the client; the combination of the quick turnaround of batch productions and ABL Circuits’ absolute reliability means that stocks can be kept to a minimum.