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What is the smallest pcb size I can have?

Printed circuit boards are used in a variety of electronic products and therefore can be manufactured in a number of sizes. Board sizes vary, dependent on customer requirements with the smallest pcb size that we have made being only 5mm square, for a miniature medical device.

Your PCBs can be made in a size to suit your requirements, however, there are a number of factors to consider, including product size, single sided, double sided plated through hole or multilayer, as well as number and weight of components, and the board’s finished application.

Each panel of boards will require a border for tooling holes, traces and coupons, and space for routing. Large panels with many circuits often have a poor manufacturing strength and therefore need to be reinforced, whilst smaller circuit boards may be stronger.

Small and irregular shaped PCB’s can also be made using our precision CNC routing machine and left in a routed panel with pips, or rectangular boards can be scored with pips.
For more advice about PCB size, please call us on 01462 417400 at any time.

Smallest PCB size from ABL Circuits