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PCB tin plating stage

PCB Tin plating manufacture ABL Circuits

For a budgetary board PCB Tin Plating So this is the next stage in the process of producing a budgetary board, it’s PCB tin plating, that’s plated on top of the copper purely to protect it further down the process. That’s all that does, so that’s not the tin that’s on the board at the end, that’s purely to protect the copper tracks that are underneath the tin when they…

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PCB immersion in copper sulphate solution

PCB immersion at ABL Circuits

Plated Through Board PCB immersion in copper sulphate solution The PCB immersion is the most important part of the process of making a Plated Through Board. The panel is immersed on a jig in a Copper Sulphate solution and is plated onto the surface and down the holes electrolitically by applying current to this which attracts the Copper which is held in these bags here which are full of Copper…

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PCB CNC drilling machine

PCB CNC drilling machine at ABL Circuits

Fully automatic CNC drilling machine This is our CNC Drilling machine, it is fully automatic, it can run through the night un-manned, it is auto load, 23 different stacks or even 23 different jobs if needed and we have 500 different tools at the front ranging in size from 0.3 of a mm (which gives us a 0.2mm hole after plating) to 6.5mm. Anything larger than that then we round…

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The Sound Choice for High Spec Audio Equipment

high spec audio abl circuits pcb design

ABL multi-layer circuit boards are the sound choice for high spec audio equipment A UK based leading sound reproduction company that supplies sound design and high-fidelity sound equipment to major theatres, opera houses and venues in Europe, relies on multi-layer circuit boards which perform with maximum efficiency. ABL Circuits provides multi-layer circuit boards that can cope with the very high frequencies needed for accurate sound reproduction in major shows and…

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ABL Circuits manufacture miniature oscillator for AM Radio Exams

hand of Amateur radio holding speaker and press for radio communication theme ABL Circuits

ABL Circuits miniature oscillator ABL Circuits were approached by an antenna manufacturer to create, manufacture and test a circuit board for an Miniature Oscillator used to train amateur radio operators to gain their intermediate licence. Users of AM radio frequency undertake self-training and part of the training includes the assembly and operation of an miniature oscillator. This is used to convert direct current from a power supply to an alternating…

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ABL Circuits portable traffic light PCBs

ABL Circuits portable traffic light PCBs

ABL Circuits have designed portable traffic light PCBs for a major UK manufacturer. The client approached ABL Circuits with a specific requirement for a new control system to work alongside a new design of traffic light for use at temporary road works. ABL Circuits managed the electronic design of the new control system and created the CAD PCB layout, providing a prototype for the client to test prior to production.…

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Drilling in the PCB production process

The PCB process at ABL Circuits PCB Design

The drilling is all part of the CAD layout whenever there’s a pad there is a hole assigned and allocated in the default setting so you choose the correct size pad with the correct size hole for that component and when we get the plotting done from gerber files we also get a drill plot shows all positions of all the holes with a little grid table showing symbol showing…

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Design process to finished Printed Circuit Board

The PCB Design process at ABL Circuits

  Design process to finished Printed Circuit Board Once we have finished the CAD layout for the Printed Circuit Board as you can see on the screen, we produce Gerber files which is an output that all CAD systems produce that the photo plotters around the world – around the country can understand and they then produce a photo-plot of each layer that we require such as this which is…

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PCB prototype turnaround time

The PCB Prototype process at ABL Circuits

  PCB Prototype Transcript We pride ourselves on being probably the quickest in the country in being able to produce a PCB Prototype. We can literally make one the following day, so once we have got the design, depending upon the complexity, the size and the amount of time involved, we would do the design, from that create the Gerber files and get the photo plots done and then that…

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The PCB design process

PCB design process at work with ABL Circuits

  PCB Design process Transcript The customer would contact us with a PCB Design process, drawings or an idea – we can take that idea and turn it into a circuit diagram and from the circuit diagram we create a CAD layout on the computer which we then produce Gerber files for to manufacture a circuit board. So, the customer will either give us a circuit diagram such as these…

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