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Why are multilayer PCBs so popular?

Multilayer PCBs for ABL Circuits

Multilayer PCBs offer more complexity and capacity on a smaller footprint, thus saving space and weight whilst offering increased functionality. This is what makes them so popular in modern electronics. The PCBs are multiple double-side boards that are bound together with alternating insulating materials to separate them. Drill holes between layers must be executed with great care and precision. Conductors on different layers are connected using vias which mean that…

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Why are Printed Circuit Boards green?

Why are PCBs green? ABL Circuits

Did you know that the vast majority of PCB’s are green? But, why are printed circuit boards green? It is due to the solder mask, which protects the copper circuits printed on the fibre glass core to prevent short circuits, soldering errors, etc. The colour of the solder mask gives the board its appearance. Why are printed circuit boards green? There are different theories on why it is traditionally green…

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ABL’s reverse engineering PCB expertise

Reverse engineering PCBs - ABL Circuits

As many assets on oil and gas rigs are ageing, there is a need for retrofitting parts of the system. ABL took on the challenge of recreating PCBs to the exact specifications drawn up for an oil rig over 30 years ago using their reverse engineering PCB expertise. In total, 17 different types of replacement Printed Circuit Boards needed reverse engineering to replace the rack-mounted legacy boards in the control…

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What are printed circuit boards made of?

What are Printed Circuit Boards made of

A printed circuit board (PCB) consists of conductive and non-conductive layers bonded together to make one whole. The materials for a PCB can differ depending on their purpose and client needs. For example, a double sided PCB (also known as a 2-layer board) comprises: A core layer made of glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin; this provides a solid, rigid and non-conductive support layer, generally referred to as FR4 On each…

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ABL Circuits completes printed circuit board mission for Spitfire

Spitfire Printed Circuit Board ABL Circuits

Spitfire flight experience enhanced at the speed of flight Spitfire flying experiences offered out of the Imperial War Museum at RAF Duxford have become more exciting still with the addition of a World War II gunfire soundscape. At the speed of flight, ABL manufactured a fast turnaround Printed Circuit Board prototype with sound recording, playing authentic Spitfire gun sounds in the cockpit providing the ultimate experience. Just as intended, the…

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Why people choose ABL

ABL Circuits logo

There are many reasons why people choose ABL for their PCB manufacture and here are just a couple which we think makes us stand out from the crowd. Our Guarantee At ABL, we pride ourselves on being one of the go to PCB manufacturers in the UK. Having been in the industry for over 30 years, we know what our clients want and expect from us. That’s why we have…

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5 reasons to order an 8-hour prototype PCB

8 hour Prototype PCB ABL Circuits PCB Manufacture and Design

ABL Circuits manufacture a prototype PCB from receipt of data within 8 hours. We asked our customers why they use this service and here are the results… Why customers use our PCB prototype service: 1 | Peace of mind We regularly produce same day Prototype PCBs so the customer can check, test and approve an initial PCB prior to ordering a large PCB production batch.   2 | To reduce…

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Take advantage of the weak pound by choosing UK manufacturing


The current dollar exchange rate means the UK manufacturing is being helped by the weak pound and it is time to reconsider UK manufactured PCB’s. If you are sourcing products PCB’s in the Far East, the continuing weakness of the British Pound against the US dollar means overseas supply costs have increased significantly over the last few months. Weak pound is at lowest level since 1985 Since the Brexit Referendum, the British…

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Routing Machine cutting PCBs

routing machine cutting PCBs ABL Circuits

CNC Routing Machine This is our CNC Routing Machine used for cutting out boards at the end of all the processes and we can leave them in a panel, like that with all sorts of complex shapes, sizes, angles, radiuses, gradients or we can fit them out with single circuits depending on what the customer prefers. They’re often left in the panel like that for ease of assembly. This one…

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Bare Board Tester

bare board tester ABL Circuits

  Bare Board Tester This machine is our Bare Board Tester, it’s a four head flying probe machine that has two heads at the front and two heads at the back and electronically tests the circuit board to the original Gerber files, where, as opposed to testing one board compared to another because if you do that’s the golden board method. If you do it that way you could have…

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