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PCB CNC drilling machine at ABL Circuits

PCB CNC drilling machine

Fully automatic CNC drilling machine

This is our CNC Drilling machine, it is fully automatic, it can run through the night un-manned, it is auto load, 23 different stacks or even 23 different jobs if needed and we have 500 different tools at the front ranging in size from 0.3 of a mm (which gives us a 0.2mm hole after plating) to 6.5mm. Anything larger than that then we round route it on a separate machine. It laser detects here in this machine the diameter of the drill so that we can never drill the wrong size hole compared to the original gerber. It also checks for concentrically and whether the drill is positioned correctly in the head to make sure it is not too low or too high so it drills through the stacker boards but not into the bed, and it drills all of the way through. So it is bulletproof, runs un-manned and we will start it up now. So here it is picking up the first tool, putting it in the block it drops off the previous tool is was using, picks up the right drill for this job it automatically adjusts to the correct speed, super drill diameter of the stock. Drops off the old drill and away it goes. So the spin drill can rev unto 150,000 rpm depending on the diameter of the drill. The smaller the drill the faster the spinning rotates.

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