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PCBs for laser games company

Quasar-Game-2One of the things we are most proud of here at ABL Circuits is, in our 30 years of business, we have some very loyal clients who have stayed with us for many, many years. As a PCB Manufacturer near London, we have developed a rather eclectic mix of companies that we provide printed circuit boards for – from medical and transport to cutting edge industry and sport. We thought it would be great to share some of our exciting clients with you each month, so here’s our first one…

The client…

Enjoyed by both children and adults alike, one of our many valued clients is the country’s leading laser games company allowing players the opportunity to fire harmless beams of infrared light at each other. Aiming at their opponents, the beams are detected by equipment worn by the players and that is where we come in – we have been providing Printed Circuit Boards to them for over 10 years.

What we do for them…

Our PCBs are used all over their laser tag arenas from the guns, backpacks and chest packs to the score boards and timers. With centres throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, they keep us busy with large orders 2-3 times a year.

As a company, we are often chosen for our quick turnaround times and reliable delivery. Unlike many of our customers, their orders are usually placed in advance, but we have had times where they have required a fast turnaround and we ensure these orders are completed on time.

What are their needs?

PCBs for laser games company supplied by ABL CircuitsAs they have grown and become an industry leader, so has the work we have done for them. As with all the companies we deal with, we initially produce a PCB prototype before moving on to producing and assembling the main Printed Circuit Board. However, they initially came to us with their own designs, asking us to just provide them with the bare circuit boards. As their business grew, we began designing new boards, providing the layouts and now we also assemble them.

For a PCB company, they are a fantastic client as they are constantly evolving and looking for new ways to entertain their customers – keeping us on our toes in the process and ensuring we continue to deliver excellent service for each new product they wish to launch.

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