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What is the Largest PCB I can have?

We make panels to suit your requirements, ranging from 5mm square through to 450 x 300mm (18 x 12 inches), which is the largest PCB size we can produce in-house, as standard, which has a useable area of 17 x 11 inches.

We also work with a number of reliable partners that make much larger boards if required.

With more than 30 years’ experience designing and manufacturing PCB boards, we have discovered that the optimal size for our production is 450 x 300mm (18 x 12 inches) which can be a single circuit, or a step and repeated smaller circuit to fit the panel.

There are a number of factors to consider when developing a PCB board that include product size, single sided, double sided plated through hole or multilayer, as well as number and weight of components. Larger boards are developed with our reliable partners, with whom we have built a strong relationship over the years.

For more advice about PCB size, please call us on 01462 417400 at any time.

Largest PCB abl circuits