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A Special Day at ABL Circuits

Celebrating the birthday of ABL Circuits’ founder Saturday marked a special day in history as the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of mankind setting foot on the moon, but it was also a special day for ABL Circuits as we celebrated our founder, Mark Leverett’s, birthday. While we couldn’t possibly divulge Mark’s age to you, what we can tell you is how he got to where he is today at ABL Circuits,…

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Celebrating 50 years in space with ABL Circuits

Moon Landing 50th Anniversary logo ABL Circuits

This Saturday 20th July ABL Circuits are celebrating a very special #SpaceExplorationDay, as this year marks the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon with Apollo 11’s triumphant landing. It’s safe to say that a lot has changed in space exploration over this period of time; NASA’s advancements in technology are innovative, forward-thinking and ever-changing. ABL Circuits over its 30 year period has worked with several Space…

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World Music Day; what does it take to create the world’s most famous tracks?

ABL Circuits are celebrating World Music Day, also known as Make Music Day. With the UK being at the forefront of Sound & Recording technology and manufacture, we’re ‘hear’ to celebrate some of the ingenious technology that goes into creating and manipulating the best sounds. ABL has designed and manufactured printed circuit boards for some of the best sound engineering companies in the UK and arguably the world. Our customers…

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