ABL Circuits are celebrating World Music Day, also known as Make Music Day. With the UK being at the forefront of Sound & Recording technology and manufacture, we’re ‘hear’ to celebrate some of the ingenious technology that goes into creating and manipulating the best sounds.

ABL has designed and manufactured printed circuit boards for some of the best sound engineering companies in the UK and arguably the world. Our customers have supplied audio equipment to some of the biggest concerts, live events, recording studios, theatre’s and nightclubs, to stars such as Elton John, Ed Sheeran, U2 and the Royal Albert Hall… just to name a few. But what makes a great sound? Well, before you start to even think about acoustics and the final perfect note, you need to start with a great design. ABL specifically designs the layout of each board with the utmost care and attention; every component location can make a huge difference to how the board works and the quality of sound it can produce.

Once you have a perfectly designed PCB, ABL Circuits will create you a world class circuit board. Most high efficiency PCBs tend to be gold plated, either double sided PTH or multi layer boards. This enables the PCB to cope with very high frequencies, which is a must have for accurate sound reproduction. At ABL Circuits our UK factory strives to create some of the highest quality PCBs in the UK. With our ‘turn key’ service, we can design, manufacture, assemble and box assemble all under one roof.

The next time you’re listening to a great piece of music, whether it’s at the theatre or at a live event you’ll know the level of detail ABL Circuits has gone to produce that quality sound.