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ABL Circuits Guarantee

ABL Circuits guarantee that we want you to be 100% DELIGHTED with the quality of your printed circuit board and the speed and reliability of the PCB Manufacturing service you receive from us.

That’s why we GUARANTEE you the following on your PCB:

  1. Your single sided or plated through printed circuit board can be PRODUCED WITHIN 5 WORKING DAYS from the receipt of your PCB data as standard … with no premium.
  2. If you require your printed circuit boards faster we can provide you with an 8 hour turnaround PCB Manufacturing service.
  3. Your drilling data will be reproduced exactly both in position and diameter, improving your assembly procedures on your printed circuit boards.
  4. Your printed circuit boards are inspected at 7 separate stages to ensure a perfect final PCB.

PCB Guarantee ABL CircuitsYour circuit boards can be electronically bare board tested to GUARANTEE no shorts or opens, ensuring you will get no assembly or test problems from your PCB.

All of this means you will have the confidence and peace of mind knowing your PCB will match your specification and you will receive our circuit boards on time, every time … GUARANTEED

With our ISO 9001-2000 Accreditation you can be totally confident that we have been fully assessed and are committed to providing you with the highest levels in manufacturing and production of printed circuit boards. Reliable service from a leading PCB Manufacturer.