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Sound Mixing Desk case study

Here at ABL Circuits, we like to remember each and every one of our loyal customers and we take pride in everything we do for them. This value is one we adopted since we first began manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards many years ago.

We wanted this month’s case study to tell you a little about one of the first companies we ever produced PCBs for, a world leader in sound mixing desk manufacture.

The client…

Mixing Desk pic-testThere’s a pretty good chance you’ve been somewhere where their products are being used. They are successful in producing sound mixing consoles for large-scale concerts and theatre productions. Their products have been used in theatre productions worldwide – from Billy Elliot and Mary Poppins to Chicago and South Pacific as well as in huge concerts by artists from The Rolling Stones to Pavarotti.

What we do for them…

Sound Mixing DeskThey contacted our PCB Company over 25 years ago to produce the printed circuit boards for their large mixing desk and we have been helping them achieve their deadlines ever since, with a huge range of circuit boards spanning years of technology changes and development, from same day urgent PCB prototypes to large scale PCB batches. They are one of our longest standing customers.

What are their needs?

A highly successful company, they produce high-end mixing desks that are used all over the world with ABL’s highly reliable printed circuit boards inside. It’s safe to say, our PCBs are better travelled than many of us! Providing a mixing desk for such prominent and well-established artists and productions means that it is vital that they produce faultless, high-quality equipment and, in turn, they need their suppliers – such as us – to produce the same level of craftsmanship. The fact that we have had such a long, successful working relationship with them speaks volumes..!
Mixing Desk

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