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This month, we are thrilled to tell you about an exciting client we have been working with recently– and what’s even more impressive is that you can see and use our work yourself! Her Majesty The Queen opened the permanent Information Age Gallery at the Science Museum in London on the 24th October 2014 – sending her very first Tweet while she was there! Three years in the making, the Information Age Gallery celebrates over 200 years of communication and information technology.

What we did for them
science-museum-radio Information AgeOur role in this unique feature was to create a ‘Retro Radio’ – an interactive feature for children to “build”, plug in components and tune until they make it work.

The Science Museum was keen to work with a British company on the radio and approached a number of different companies before choosing us. They needed to make sure the product was flawless and knew we would provide the perfect device for their visitors.

Retro Radio

retro-radio Information AgeWe were involved in the “Retro Radio” from start to finish and we were able to see the project grow and develop – from an idea to a finished, working product. We were asked to create the electronic circuit and produce the CAD Printed Circuit Board layout. We then made the boards and assembled them before constructing the plug-in components for the visitors to use. You could say we provided the whole package!

What were their needs?
science-museum(1) Information AgeAs one of London’s major tourist attractions, the Science Museum welcomes over 3 million visitors each year so they need to ensure that their exhibitions and attractions work without fail. At ABL, we had to ensure, as we always do, that we produced impeccable PCB design, products and components for them so their visitors are not let down. Our PCB company were even invited to the pre-launch event so have been able to see just how well our product was received.

science-museum-pcb Information Agescience-museum Information Age

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