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removing PCB film at ABL Circuits PCB Manufacture and Design

Removing the film on the PCB

Removing the PCB Film

So, after the tin plating, the next part of the process is removing PCB film. The blue film as you can see here which protects the copper underneath and gives you your image of the circuitry on the panel. But that’s only required for this stage because now we have the copper tracks that we want to keep eventually protected by the tin that we’ve just plated on, so now we need to remove all the copper which you can see on the panel that was protected previously by the blue film – so the blue film gets stripped off in the stripper and then the next process after this will be to etch off all the copper from the panel. So all the copper you can see will all be coming off and the copper tacrks that we want to retain are protected under the tin.

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