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inventor of Printed Circuit Board uk

Who invented Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)?

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Paul Eisler, Inventor of PCBs, also invented a car box to keep Pizza hot

The invention of printed circuit boards (PCBs) is credited to Paul Eisler. Paul Eisler, was a trained electrical engineer in Vienna who came to the UK in 1936 as a refugee. By that time he had work experience in the radio as well as the printing industry and he had patented a number of inventions. After a few experiments, he used his combined experience to construct a radio set with printed circuits on its chassis to transmit energy. These PCB’s as we know them today were further developed in the US during World War II and became wide spread in the 1950’s.

A little known fact about Paul Eisler is that he invented the in-car box to keep pizza hot. He is also linked to the development of fish fingers in later life.

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