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Mark detailing the Printed Circuit Boards process at ABL Circuits

Clients film storage for Printed Circuit Boards

Mark Leverett, MD at ABL Circuits, has been designing, producing and building printed circuit boards from his factory just outside London for over 30 years. To run the business smoothly, to provide the exceptional service they do and to be able to supply PCBs with the fastest lead-times in the UK, the company requires excellent organisation skills. One way ABL Circuits continues to be dependable to its customers is by storing all the past printed circuit boards they have produced.

Of this, Mark says: “All the client’s films are kept in individual job bags and each job bag has its own production sheet, which gives the customer’s name, quantity, material, panel size and the due dates of when the job is due to go out of the factory. That information is kept forever, so the customer can come back at any time and re-order some boards, whether it is one or a thousand. The photography is here so there are no tooling charges once they have paid the initial costs and it is all stored alphabetically.”

Mark continued to discuss the spares of each job that they keep alongside all the information in the customer job bag: “The spares can be very useful because the customer may come back two weeks, two months, two years down the line and say did you have any spares from that last batch of 100 because I only need a couple…we can go straight to that customer, get the correct issue board for them and often get them out of a hole.”

Watch the video to find out more about how ABL Circuits work so you can re-order PCBs quickly from existing stock.

Look out for more videos from Mark and ABL to see how the rest of the Printed Circuit Board process works at ABL coming soon.

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