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ABL Circuit Catalogue

Quality Circuit Boards Manufactured with Excellence Delivered on Time Every Time So You Achieve Your Deadlines … Guaranteed

2013-catalogue-coverCommitted to providing you with …
~ A prompt, friendly and high level of service
~ The latest high tech equipment
~ Fast, accurate manufacture of your circuit boards
~ Some of the best delivery times in the industry … in most cases just 5 working days!
And …
~ A complete understanding of your needs

From the moment your enquiry is received …
You can be sure that you’ll be dealt with in a friendly, efficient and highly professional manner. All the information and details about you and your Printed Circuit Board (PCB) requirements are immediately entered onto a sophisticated computer system, networked throughout the whole factory.
This software, called Match-It is a complete manufacturing package that controls every aspect of production, management control, stock, scheduling, quality control IS09000, purchasing, invoicing, costing, in fact the complete processes of our entire business.
You can be sure you’ ll get exactly what you asked for and when . .. so you can plan your production time accurately.

Inspected at every stage of the process …
Your boards will receive seven different inspections as they progress through the production process. At each of these stages the technicians responsible log in onto the Match-It network and enter the inspection results and who completed the relevant step … so you can be sure the highest quality standards are achieved.

Perfect Connections with Shadow line Plating …
The shadow line is a state of the art plating line, which replaces the old type of electroless plating system. It is a conveyorised machine that coats a layer of carbon through the holes in the panel, creating a perfect connection from one side of the panel to the other … in every hole.
Furthermore, because it’s conveyorised it ensures that every circuit that passes down it receives exactly the same amount of time in each chemical
chamber … at the same temperature and the same rinse pressures and drying times.
This obviously ensures complete consistency across the batch, eliminating any variables. Also, timescales for this operation have been reduced from hours, to approximately 10 minutes, which enables a very quick turnaround while maintaining absolute quality.

Precision drilling with the latest technology …
The new state of the art (CNC) drilling machine ensures consistently accurate driJling to your original data … every time.
The auto tool change head selects the correct tool to match the data and adjusts the speeds and feeds to suit. After selecting the tool it laser checks the diameter and length as well as concentricity and replaces the tool if it fails any of the checks, to ensure the boards are drilled perfectly.
This machine is so precise that it’s able to drill at 150,000 RPM down to 0. lmm, and up to 6.6mm.
The granite bed and air bearing spindle ensures a positional accuracy measured in microns … enabling us to produce very complex circuit boards for you. The controller on the drilling machine keeps a record of the status of each of the 450 different tools available to it, automatically changing a tool when the maximum required number of hits has been achieved … so there is no possibility of any holes being made with a worn drill.
What’s more … as every hole is drilled, the laser head detects if the tool is chipped or broken, replaces it immediately if it finds a fault … and  effortlessly continues where it left off!

Also …
Your boards will be photo image resisted to ensure perfect solder resist registration with no pad encroachment, for perfect service mount assembly.
To achieve a flat, smooth, shiny surface to aid your assembly process, all boards are then hot air levelled.
PCB’s of any shape and complexity of outline are accurately produced on our CNC routing machines.

Remember …
Your single or plated through boards can be manufactured within 5 working days and your multi-layered boards within a very quick turnaround period.
And finally …
Your printed circuits will go through final inspection and will be cleaned, carefully packaged and labelled for your convenience.

You can contact us …
For your tailored proposal highlighting all the details of your PCB, the delivery dates together with the costs involved or, if you have any questions simply call us on … 01462 894312.

Our Guarantee To You …
At ABL Circuits we want you to be 100% delighted with the quality of your printed circuit boards and the speed and reliability of service you receive from us.
That’s why we GUARANTEE you the following …
• Your single sided or plated through circuit boards can be produced within 5 working days from receipt of your data as standard . .. with no premium.
• If you require your boards faster we can provide you with an 8 hour turnaround service.
• Your drilling data will be reproduced exactly both in position and diameter, improving your assembly procedures.
• Your boards are inspected at 7 separate stages to ensure a perfect final product.
Your boards can be electronically bare board tested to GUARANTEE no shorts or opens, ensuring you’ll get no assembly or test problems.
All of this means … you’ ll have the confidence and peace of mind knowing they’ll match your specification and you’ 11 receive your boards on time, every time … GUARANTEED.
What’s more …
With our ISO 9001-2000 accreditation you can be totally confident that we have been fully assessed and are committed to providing you with the
highest levels in manufacturing and production of printed circuit boards.

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