Top 5 reasons to order an 8-hour prototype PCB

8 hour Prototype PCB ABL Circuits PCB Manufacture and Design

ABL Circuits manufacture a prototype PCB from receipt of data within 8 hours. We asked our customers why they use this service and here are the top 5 reasons: To reduce product development timescales We often manufacture a series of prototypes over a 3 or 4 week period and this can reduce time to market for a new product by several weeks. To meet a customer’s deadline OEM manufacturers face…

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Routing Machine cutting PCBs

routing machine cutting PCBs ABL Circuits

CNC Routing Machine This is our CNC Routing Machine used for cutting out boards at the end of all the processes and we can leave them in a panel, like that with all sorts of complex shapes, sizes, angles, radiuses, gradients or we can fit them out with single circuits depending on what the customer prefers. They’re often left in the panel like that for ease of assembly. This one…

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Bare Board Tester

bare board tester ABL Circuits

  Bare Board Tester This machine is our Bare Board Tester, it’s a four head flying probe machine that has two heads at the front and two heads at the back and electronically tests the circuit board to the original Gerber files, where, as opposed to testing one board compared to another because if you do that’s the golden board method. If you do it that way you could have…

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Tin stripping in PCB production

tin stripping in pcb production ABL Circuits

Tin Stripping The next part of the process is tin stripping. This strips off the tin that is now protecting our copper tracks. To do this we put it in the tin stripper which is a nitric acid based spray rinse machine conveyerised again which power washes off all the tin leaving the bare copper tracks which will be the finishing process of the bare board manufacture.

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PCB Etching process

PCB Etching process ABL Circuits pcb manufacture

So here we can see the PCB panels coming out of the etcher in the PCB etching process and as you can see all the copper has been spray rinsed off leaving us our tracks with our tin on top, both sides, perfectly done.

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Bespoke Circuit Boards Sparks Interest

classic car bespoke circuit boards abl circuits

ABL Circuits were approached when a supplier of tuning equipment for cars and car modifications was looking for a new and reliable supplier for bespoke circuit boards. The main requirement was to create a performance enhancing booster amplifier for a V8 engine ignition system. Bespoke Circuit Boards ABL Circuits took on the task to reverse engineer the old design of the dual-timer power amplifier and rebuilt a superior version. Working…

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Removing the film on the PCB

removing PCB film at ABL Circuits PCB Manufacture and Design

Removing the PCB Film So, after the tin plating, the next part of the process is removing PCB film. The blue film as you can see here which protects the copper underneath and gives you your image of the circuitry on the panel. But that’s only required for this stage because now we have the copper tracks that we want to keep eventually protected by the tin that we’ve just…

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PCB tin plating stage

PCB Tin plating manufacture ABL Circuits

For a budgetary board PCB Tin Plating So this is the next stage in the process of producing a budgetary board, it’s PCB tin plating, that’s plated on top of the copper purely to protect it further down the process. That’s all that does, so that’s not the tin that’s on the board at the end, that’s purely to protect the copper tracks that are underneath the tin when they…

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PCB immersion in copper sulphate solution

PCB immersion at ABL Circuits

Plated Through Board PCB immersion in copper sulphate solution The PCB immersion is the most important part of the process of making a Plated Through Board. The panel is immersed on a jig in a Copper Sulphate solution and is plated onto the surface and down the holes electrolitically by applying current to this which attracts the Copper which is held in these bags here which are full of Copper…

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