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8 hour Prototype PCB ABL Circuits PCB Manufacture and Design

Top 5 reasons to order an 8-hour prototype PCB

ABL Circuits manufacture a prototype PCB from receipt of data within 8 hours. We asked our customers why they use this service and here are the results…

Why customers use our PCB prototype service:

  1. To reduce product development timescales
    • We often manufacture a series of prototypes over a 3 or 4 week period and this can reduce time to market for a new product by several weeks.
  2. To meet a customer’s deadline
    • OEM manufacturers face pressure from customers for product supply. Producing a prototype the same day can save embarrassment.
  3. To meet the deadline for an exhibition
    • 8 hour manufacture of PCB prototypes often helps our customers to demonstrate new products and meet tight timescales for shipping products to the next industry show.
  4. To prepare for an internal meeting
    • When the next NPD meeting is looming, a rapid prototype can often be required to show progress.
  5. Because I don’t want to wait
    • Same day prototypes are business as usual to us here at ABL and many of our customers choose this service because they simply don’t want to wait.

Whatever your reason for ordering rapid prototype PCB’s, we are here to help. Just call us on 01462 417400 at any time to talk through your requirement, or email us on

8 hour prototype

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